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fun statistics for adults!
“when I was a kid, I had no help with college tuition, I was hardworking and paid it all myself”
-Annual tuition for Yale, 1970: $2,550
-Annual tuition for Yale, 2014: $45,800
-Minimum Wage, 1970: $1.45
-Minimum Wage, 2014: $7.25
-Daily hours at minimum wage needed to pay for tuition in 1970: 4.8
-Daily hours at minimum wage needed to pay for tuition in 2014: 17.3

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Limzy Wei: Flowergirls

artist on tumblr

Malaysian artist Lim Zhi Wei adorns her watercolors entitled “ Flowergirls” with real flowers, to a stunning effect.

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Jennifer Lawrence had the potential to be very likeable.

But every time she opens her motherfucking mouth, she’s saying something ignorant or ridiculous.

And that’s why we love her.

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my favorite thing is when you’re petting a dog and you stop for a second and it bumps your hand with its nose like hey don’t stop now keep going

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  • me:

    *on my phone*

  • grandma:

    do you ever put that thing down?

  • me:

    *puts phone down*

  • me:

    why did you ruin the economy?




how to draw a sheep: draw a cloud, legs, a circle for the head and there you have it
a sheep

someone draw a sheep using these instructions


this rlly helped i think this is the best sheep i have EVER drawn!!!

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I have watched this at least 15 times since I reblogged this several hours ago

it has been several weeks and I probably have watched this easily 100 times


That’s ma jam man

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Reasons to be a mermaid:
1. no periods
2. no pants
3. perfect hair
4. you get to lure men to their deaths

Also, free clam bra… YAY


NEWS: First glimpse at The Hunger Games: Panem Rising mobile game!

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